How to edit artist information: member of (band)

Hi there,
Is it possible to add and / or remove a band (member of) from the artist page?

I have included an example.
Herman Brood (Dutch artist) certainly did play with the band Q65.
He also did play with Cuby & The Blizzards, The Moans, Flash & Dance Band, Vitesse.
I would like to add these bands to “member of”

It’s not just roon that has him in it, Wikipedia too.

OK, edited that :slight_smile:
But the question remains the same…

Hi @Steven_Kooijman,

It looks like our metadata providers currently only have Q 65 as “member of” for this artist. We are always getting new information though, so it’s always possible that more information will be added in the future!

Thanks for your quick reply.
Well, it’s information from 1964 to 2001, so I’m not so confident that “new” information will be added.

Anyway, the answer to my question is that I cannot adjust it myself.
Will this be adjusted in Roon in the future?

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