How to Edit "Artist"?

Here’s a scenario: I have six albums by Isao Suzuki. Some are labeld as “Isao Suzuki Quartet”, “Isao Suzuki Sextet + 1”, “Isao Suzuki & His Fellows” etc. When I search through “Isao Suzuki” only five albums show up. The sixth album is classified under “Isao Suzuki & His Fellows”. No matter what I do on this sixth album, my metadata edit is not properly updated and I can never seem to have this album show up in my search “Isao Suzuki.” No avail even after I had the library cleaned up. What should I do to make all 6 CDs show up consistently?

It appears that the main issue is that I cannot edit Artist information. All albums show “Artist/Album Artist” information in blue just under the album title. When I click the pencil to edit the album metadata, I can only edit Album Artist, but not the Artist part, and it seems that Roon only looks for Artist. The question is how I can edit the Artist information.

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I further found out that I could go to the album and do the Artist Edit. This could successfully update the artist name from “Isao Suzuki & His Fellows” to “Isao Suzuki”. This identical name, however, does not get combined with the existing “Isao Suzuki” in the Roon data. So I have two “Isao Suzuki” that are separately identified. I even made sure the “Last-First Sort Name” is consistently set up. Still no help.

Hi hgim82,

Others have had similar issues and the discussion and responses are set out in this thread:

Thanks. I have read a few other threads on this issue. I trust that the developing team is fully aware of the issue and will address it in the next update. @brian?

Our next major release is focused on audio + interoperability (RoonSpeakers, headless linux, squeezebox support, a few other things). That work is well underway, and we’re trying to get it out by sometime in November. For the following major release, my intent is to focus on metadata related functionality like this. In between each major release, there are generally several minor releases to fix bugs and make minor improvements.

Sooner the better for this!