How to edit m3u playlists in roon?

I am currently using roon exclusively as a desktop player due to the fantastic quality of the player itself.
My music is all stored on my local drive, and there is no networking involved etc.

My issue is: Previously, I was using m3u playlists, because then I could read/edit them in foobar, and now and then just copy my entire music folder with the playlists onto my Pioneer DAP for use on the go.

With roon though, it can READ my m3u playlists, but cannot edit them, saying “They come from an external source”.
If I “Create a local copy” I can edit them within roon, but then exporting them just makes a folder structure, not an actual m3u playlist.

Is there no way to edit m3u playlists in roon? Or export roon playlists as an m3u?

Exporting them exports both the music files in a folder structure and the corresponding .m3u under the playlists directory.

Just found this out today, there should be an option to just export out the playlist. Not everyone uses or will use Roon to.export music to another player.

Is there no way to import and actually edit pre-existing m3u files?
Cause this folder structure means that its a pain to manually browse to stuff.

I usually just had a folder called “Music”, then the tracks for a playlist in a sub-folder.
Not organised into a thousand artist based folders and then cross-linked :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @GoldenSound,

No, Roon will not edit existing m3u files. Other than deleting tracks, Roon doesn’t make any changes to existing files that are imported, including playlist files. Using the export feature mentioned above by Daniel is the best option.

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