How to Edit the Composer Tag in Roon?

How do you edit the composer tag in Roon? In the tags embedded in the file for Domino by Van Morrison from “His Band and the Street Choir (Expanded Edition)”, I have the composer entered as Van Morrison. Roon lists the composers as Gene Simmons (from Kiss) and Van Morrison.

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If you click on Gene Simmons, the text tells you he is not the member of hard rockers kiss and goes to to describe his career. The picture however, is wrong.

What you’re looking for here is coming, but isn’t possible yet in Roon.

You can currently edit the display of many different fields, such as changing the name of a track or composer.

The ability to edit the links between the “objects” in Roon’s database (such as the link between the track Domino, and the composers Van Morrison and Gene Simmons) is coming in the next round of editing functionality.

I discussed this in slightly more detail the other day.