How to edit track descriptions

I want to change track descriptions. For example, in the below, I’d prefer the first to be “Akt 1. Vorspiel,” the second to be “He! ho! Waldhüter Ihr.” I’ve tried editing each track, and although my edits are taken, they don’t display.

How did you edit the tracks? Using Roon or using a tag editor to change file Meta data?

What you are seeing are not track titles, they are composition part names. If you want to change these, you’ll have to make use of WORK and PART tags, and Prefer File for Multi-Part Composition Grouping.

Using Roon to edit a track. Namely, click on the 3 dots by a track, choose Edit, choose Edit Track. In Title, fill in the box by Edit.

Could there be a way to replicate, inside of Roon, the ability to add Work/Part without having to go back and edit the original file? Maybe that is a feature request, hmm.