How to enable Apple TV 4K to use roon


Everyone, I would like to use room on my Apple TV 4K, I will be mainly going to use Tidal streaming, I tried to find but could not how can I enable Apple TV to use roon for Tidal Streaming ?



Don’t know if this applies

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Once you enable Airplay for everyone on the ATV, you also need to enable the ATV as an “endpoint” in Roon. To do that:

  1. start Roon
  2. open Settings/Audio
  3. click the blue “Enable” button inside the gray AppleTV box

Once you’ve done all that, then you may need to select the ATV as the target zone/endpoint, if it does not already show up in the lower right corner of the Roon window. Just click on whatever endpoint icon does show up, then you should get a pop-up window showing all available options.

You also may need to log into your Tidal account. You do that in Roon’s Settings/Services menu.


Where to start roon ? There is no app for Apple TV so I do not understand how to enable it for Apple TV can you be more specific, do I enable it from a computer then use it in Apple TV, but can I use it standalone in Apple TV only ?

If you haven’t already, you need to install the Roon core software on a computer device of some sort. You can use a laptop, desktop, Nucleus, NUC, or one of several other devices. Once installed on a computer device, you can control Roon using a desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. If it’s not the Roon core, you will need to install the Roon control software/app on the control device.

Then, you can play music to a Roon end-point that is connected to your network with ethernet or WIFI. Your sound system would be connected to the Roon end-point device. So, you can use an ATV 4K as the Roon end-point.

You need a Tidal account, of course, to stream from Tidal to your Roon core. You set that up in the Roon core software under settings. You also enable the ATV 4K Roon end-point device in the Roon core software settings.

Nope. Apple TV would only work as an as a streaming endpoint.

Roon program would have to go on a computer, then stream to ATV.

Hi @Arto_Sevan_Oksayan,

As mentioned by everyone above, you’ll need to use a Core machine to use Roon, and then you can use your Apple TV 4K as an output device.

You can learn more about how Roon works here on our website. If you have any questions please let us know!

Thank you very much everyone, so as far as I understand a core machine should be on all the time, I have a Synology NAS which runs DSM this server is in my network and is open 7/24 is there any way so that I can use this NAS as a core machine, that way I will be able to use it in Apple TV I guess. Is this assumption correct ?

Theoretically yes. As you only plan to use it to stream Tidal, you SHOULD be ok running Roon Core on the Synology (Roon can get a bit resource intensive when also managing large stored libraries, which is not your use case). So install Roon Core on the synology, install roon remote on a tablet or smart phone and sign into Tidal, activate your Apple TV using Roon remote / settings / audio if I remember corrcetly and you should be good to go…


Thank you very much everyone, for all your help, I was managed to install Roon Server on my Synology 2 DSM, then used my smartphone to control over Apple TV via Airplay, now it is playing my tidal songs, the only thing I am wondering is the volume, I need to open the volume on my amplifier half way to hear any voice from my speaker which is not the case normally, so is there any important settings I need to make to reach a good level of volume and quality ?


IN Roon remote, click the hamburger icon (top left), select settings, audio, find the device you are streaming to (Apple TV in your case), click the cog wheels next to it and look at the Device Setup screen, specifically Volume control and (if available) Volume Limits. You should be able to set default volume there. Volume control should be set to Device Volume. From then on, your Apple TV decides the output volume to your amp I believe.

This is not correct. If you add Tidal (or Qobuz) albums or tracks to your Roon library, these will also use Roon database resources. Large libraries are resource-intensive; whether the content is local files, streamed files, or a mixture of the two.

:slight_smile: I stand corrected. I didn’t think about adding Tidal albums to the library. I just thought about consuming the stream ad hoc.

Then why use Roon at all? :smile:

How would an AppleTV (4K) as an endpoint compare to a Sonos Amp? Sonos is bitrate limited, is ATV able to stream HiRes audio?

The AppleTV resamples audio to 16bit/48 kHz
(CD quality, not “HiRes”).


Thanks, I guess it would be a much more popular end point if it did hi Res!!

Yes, and all the more so if it also had a control app.


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