How to enable DSD256 or higher support on unidentified devices

Hi @support and roon fans,

I have two setups with Roon right now, however both of them are not able to playback DSD256 content which have been playing no issue with Audirvana Plus for years.

Setup 1

Macbook Air -> iFi Micro iDSD Black Label

It shows as unidentified device (with correct device name) and there is no native DSD option, only DoP 1.0 is available to choose and the max DSD sample rate is limited to “up to DSD128”.

Setup 2

Windows 10 -> WSAPI -> Audiophilleo 1 MkII -> Chord Hugo
Still it shows unidentified device and all available options are same as Setup 1.

I wonder is there anyway to enable those “hidden” option manually in order to make these “unidentified” devices are working on their full capabilities?

This is the signal path from my Setup 2 and basically Setup 1 is similar to this.


Sorry I just realized that my Setup 2 should be good now because both my audiophilleo1 and hugo are supporting up to DSD128 now. But the Setup 1 is still a question mark.

Hello @Ke_Zhang,

What firmware are you running on the iFi Micro iDSD? It may require an update to enable support for DSD 256 rate over DoP.

When you enable Sample Rate Conversion for with the option “Max PCM rate (power of 2)”, what sample rate do you see reported in signal path?



Thanks for your reply.

My iFi was on latest firmware (5.30 with MQA render support). DSD256 works fine on a windows PC by using ASIO driver.

When I enable “Max PCM rate (power of 2)”, I can see below path (same as before)

Hello @Ke_Zhang,

I’m sorry for lack of clarity on my part, but can you please try the “Max PCM rate (power of 2)” setting while playing PCM content? I would like to see what the maximum supported sample rate is, because that is what will determine what DoP format we support using with the device.



Here you go.


From ifi support page:
For optimised DSD512/PCM768, please use firmware v5.20.


Thanks for your reply. However I just want to have DSD256 at this time. Have to go back to 5.20?

I don’t believe so…I’m using the latest firmware version 5.30 ‘Cookies & Cream’ on micro iDSD BL & a micro iDSD silver with a microrendu and able to upsample to 256…

My server is a sonic transporter.

Don’t know much about other servers .ie…mac/pc.

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