How to ensure ROCK OS is updated [answered]

Hi All,

Everything working well, I wish to ask how do you ensure that the OS running under ROCK on my nuc is upto date.
Eg I am use to SSH onto LInux boxes, and doing apt-get update, apt-get upgrade etc

Is there something from the ROCK OS I should be doing?

kind regards

On my NUC i5 running ROCK I chose to reinstall from the web page menu. Couldn’t see any other way. There was no notification or anything via the app.

In the Windows remote you can check for updates under settings/about. Upper right corner click " about". It also gives option to apply the updates there.

Not sure what this looks like in the Mac remote.

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@bearFNF’s solution is correct. Visit settings -> about in Roon and it’ll check for updates for ROCK as well. If it says there is no update, then you are up to date!

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