How to Ensure Track Files Display when Imported from Sooloos

[This should go into some other place but I’m unsure where so leave it to the moderators to move.

If it goes into the new basket of help hints then fine, but I’m not looking for any kickback.]

I’ve experienced frustrating problems with Roon incorrectly identifying tracks that were correctly labelled in Sooloos and finally discovered the answer:

  1. Edit album
  2. Identify - the correct cover is displayed so it is selected
  3. Select “None of these Look Right”
  4. Use basic File info
  5. Save

The result is tracks are displayed as they appear in Sooloos.

And I should have added, this marks the album as “Unidentified” so the extra data links otherwise offered by Roon are lost. So it is a swings and roundabouts situation - have the data but tracks incorrectly labelled or no data but track information correct.

Hopefully Roon will ultimately recognise that correct track labelling as correct and add in the data.

Is there somewhere to flag this situation??