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I’m new to Roon and subscribed to Tidal. From what I understand, Roon ‘learns’ from what I play and provides suggestions or in the case of Roon Radio, plays what I appear to be interested in.

I want to erase what Roon has learned so far, but I don’t want to lose the more than 1,000 albums I added.

How do I do that?

I think that deleting the history of listened tracks could have such an effect.

I disable the locations of my music library, then go to Library and select clean. Once it is clean and has deleted all the tracks, I enable my music locations and Roon will rescan them and that lets me start over. My stored files are untouched.

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If you only use TIDAL, i.e., you have no local media, you can remove the database and start over. When you login to TIDAL again, all your favourite albums will be added to Roon.

How you achieve this depends on tour setup… Windows, Mac, NUC etc.

However, it would be useful to understand why you want to do this. If you are new to Roon it’ll take a while for recommendations to reflect your interest s.

As always, before making significant changes to your library, take a backup.

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Thanks to all who replied. I’m on Windows 11. When I first set up Roon, I launched it and played a few songs before closing it. I didn’t realize that Roon Radio was on and it played for nearly 24 hours, So, now Roon is recommending music I don’t necessarily care for. Now that I have Roon Radio turned off and loaded my favorite albums–I have no local media–I thought it would be good to start fresh. If the 24 hours of Roon Radio won’t make a big difference in the long run, I’m happy not to mess with database changes.

You are not alone with that error David and I know what you mean. I I forgot and left my Roon Radio running for three days before I realized it and that is why I had to start over too.

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