How to exclude the Opera Genre

When I select a classical music piece, when it’s over, Roon selects other similar music and unfortunately it always ends up with an opera.

I hate opera.

What do I do? If it is in Tidal or Qobuz, I can’t double click the heart. I can’t figure out how to exclude the genre.



Me too

I wonder if you can exclude specific instruments like bagpipes, steel drums and saxophones? :grinning:


I understand bagpipes and steel drums, especially bagpipes, but what’s wrong with saxophones?


The eighties :grinning:


Fair point, the 80s were a definite low point, but I think you’re being a bit harsh. Try something more recent:


A brilliant choice but you might be making matters even worse :wink:

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The eighties and opera, then. HOW???

I don’t think you can. You can train Roon radio (see the ‘How do I customize my Roon Radio queue’ section on this page), but I don’t think you have any greater control beyond that.

I lasted about 8 seconds :rofl:


I have exactly the opposite problem. I love opera, and listen to it often. no matter the work, no matter the recording, no matter the period, no matter the composer, Roon always plays the Mahler 3rd Symphony afterwords.

and always a specific recording of Mahler 3:


it’s virtues notwithstanding, the opening of the first movement is not what I want to hear after, say Mimi’s death, or the quiet finale of Boccanegra, or the sublime reconciliation at the end of Figaro.

I should probably just listen to it all the way through sometime, maybe Roon would stop.


That page you linked is out of date, there isn’t a thumbs up or down in the queue and there isn’t a heart either./

Don’t know about the heart, but I have the thumbs …

You may need to turn or radio notifications in Settings → Setup

I see it now. I didn’t click enough buttons.


happened again last night, after the sublime ending of Parsifal. there was a brief interlude of the opening strophes of Picture at an Exhibition (Ravel orchestration), then BAM! Jansons and the Bavarians slammed into Mahler 3.

@support, is there anyway to fix this?

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I actually tried setting the ROONRADIOBAN for some particularly annoying orchestral bangers but roon just finds another one.

Roon radio for Classical just doesn’t make distinctions between sub-genres at even the most rudimentary level. There are variations on this request going back years.

In my case when listening to small forces chamber or vocal music I don’t want radio to follow up with large forces orchestral or opera.

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I agree; Roon appears to have no concept of genre weighting, at least for classical.


Roon radio for Classical just doesn’t make distinctions between sub-genres at even the most rudimentary level.

I thought they overly weighed opera. If it happened once in a blue moon, I would understand. It seemed every time Radio kicked in, there was an aria.

And I was playing Rachmaninoff or Tchaikovsky beforehand.


I don’t know how roon decides. Maybe I haven’t even kept radio on long enough with Classical to hear a pattern. Mostly at home I play quieter piano, chamber, lieder, choral, usually post-romantic and modern. Roon rarely continues the mood. Sometimes I get lucky with a track or two but then there will be some huge, loud orchestral piece and I switch it off. As a rule, if I remember, I now switch radio off when listening to Classical.

I haven’t personally noticed a weighting towards Opera. Maybe we are all getting a different playlist? My impressions are that roon doesn’t make simple distinctions between chamber/orchestral/period/instrumentation. It’s all just lumped together as “Classical” regardless.

You can exclude Opera by using the tag ROONRADIOBAN in your local library. But it will not make much of a difference if you have a streaming service.

Interesting. I lazily listen, without interfacing much with Roon. When I have a chance to use the thumbs up/down, I do. I (naively?) believe I am having some effect. I’m still sung at sometimes, which I find mildly objectionable.

I know people have doctorates in this sort of thing. I can imagine it’s not trivial. Personally I find Roon radio significantly better than Spotify or Qobuz apps in this respect.

still at it.

@mike what’s up here?