How to exit out of the "Play Now" window after selecting a track for play

Currently, I’m unable to find a way to exit out of the “Play Now” window after selecting a track for play. There are times when I’ve changed my mind about adding or playing the track, so the only options to exit the menu are “Add Next”, “Add to Queue” or “Start Radio”. Is there a “back page” option that I’m unaware of? Unfortunately, it took me a few times to remember not to use the typical exit out of window icon in the right-hand corner, which closed out the whole program.


Quick follow-up:

I just realized that by clicking anywhere in the window would take me back to the previous menu. I should’ve realized this as I have found this to be the case in other windows of the software. I think this still may be confusing for some users as they will attempt to close out the window by accidentally closing out the program.

Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel Core i3-2100 Sandy Bridge Dual-Core 3.1GHz
16 GB Ram
1080p Standard Monitor

Pressing escape will do the same. There’s a lot of nifty keyboard shortcuts in Roon: you can find an overview in Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts (small blue link in the top right corner of the Settings screen).

Thanks for the reply RBM,

Yes the escape key worked does work for this. I use the escape key often for other video and music software players that I utilize. Should of thought of it. Much to explore still…

Again I appreciate your quick response and assistance.


Tom Garcia

Agree it is not intuitive on the pc. On a tablet however it is quite intuitive. I guess this is one of the few areas where the similar UI across devices might make it less intuitive on one of them.