How to export albums from a remote machine to Roon?

Hi I want to copy some albums which are on my MacBook Pro (remote machine) to the MacMini which runs the Roon server. When I try to drag and drop the albums to Roon on my MacBook Pro I am asked to enable an import location. How do I do that?

Regards Peter

It sounds like your Roon folder is disabled. Go to Settings > Storage, scroll to the bottom and enable the Roon folder, then try to drag and drop again. Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot. I enabled the Roon folder but I can not try to copy any files since Roon keeps crashing on my MacMini. I did send the packages to vova but have not gotten any feedback yet.

I’m going to follow up with you via PM @pbarnewi, I think I know what’s going on.