How to export and import the "tags" I made in ROON?


I would like to know if ROON has a function to export the “tags” I had made for my music library, and then import it?


There is no direct function to export/import just Roon tags.

Tags are, of course, held in the Roon database, so they will be included in the Backup and Restore functions of Roon.

If you want to export the tags for use in other applications, then Roon has two ways of exporting your tags:

  1. As copies of the music files in your library, with the files holding tags as metadata. Note that TIDAL and/or Qobuz albums or tracks will not be included, because there are no local files held for these entries in your library.
  2. By exporting a catalogue of your library to an Excel spreadsheet. This catalogue will include your Tags, and will also include entries for any TIDAL and/or Qobuz albums/tracks in your library.

More information is here in the KB.

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your information!

I suggest that ROON should have both Tags export and Tags import functions.

In my case, I installed ROON and play it under RAM OS. It has a limitation space for Disk-C for running RAM OS, and the new version(v1.7 build 505) of ROON is not able to translate my old database successfully(due to not enough free space in Disk-C) so that I need to rescan my music library by new ROON and the old tags lost…

If ROON has tags export/import functions then I won’t lose my old tags!

Best Regards,

Hi Felix, can you post this as a request in the Features Request category of the forum? Posts in that category are read by the Roon Labs team and considered for future versions of Roon. Thanks.

(I’m a customer like you and not an employee of Roon Labs)



Hey Geoff, thanks for these options. My issue with this is that it exports based on an artist first hierarchy. My albums are all stored in a flat layout. Every album has it’s own folder and the folders are named "[artist] - [album name] ([version ID]). This all gets lost with the export. I can’t export unless it replicates the current folder structure.
Not sure if this is a common issue though but a real show stopper for me.

If you want a full catalogue of all the albums/tracks and the file paths, then it is best to do your export from the Track browser. Make sure that you have the filepaths displayed in the browser. On the right of the column headings is a drop down arrow - click that and you can configure what you want to have displayed in the browser, and hence exported in your catalogue.

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Thanks Geoff, but this doesn’t give me the original library folder structure. It gives [artist]/[album] while i’m after [artist - album].
[Andrew Bird - My Finest Work Yet]
and not
[Andrew Bird] / [My Finest Work Yet]

Sounds like it needs a feature request.