How to filter for MQA

I’m sure someone must ave asked this before, but I could not find it anywhere.

How can you search Roon for just the MQA titles? There is no MQA tab in Focus->Format. There is an Other box, but this seems to return all kinds of mixed stuff.

Note my MQA titles are all on Tidal.

Top left drop down menu, Tidal, Masters.

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Is this indication still as unreliable as it was in Tidal originally?

It is from Tidal so any unreliability will be carried through. I haven’t found a problem yet though.

Yes, that’s what I meant. Originally, there were lots of MQA albums at Tidal that were not included in Masters.

Actually, I don’t much care. It’s been a long time since I selected music based on recording technology.

So ignore my question,

Thanks, but that searches the MQA in Tidal. I want to search for the MQA titles in my Roon library. How do I do that ?

You don’t. Not easily done in Roon just yet. Mine have MQA in the title.

How do you filter for MQA?

I have in Tidal and also in Roon located the section “Masters” but there is a limited selection of albums listed there.

I thought that there was supposedly 10s of thousands MQA titles on Tidal.

I have come across a single MQA track on albums by chance and also complete albums by chance but I cannot find a way to search for MQA tracks or MQA albums only.


There is currently no way to search for or filter Tidal Masters in Roon. If you have any MQA albums/tracks in your local library you can search for and filter them under focus, format where you will find an MQA tab if you have any.

As for the available number of MQA titles on Tidal see this.

The Masters section in the browser only brings up about 425 of these. This might be different in different locations.


Thanks for the spreadsheet link. I have come across the mention of a spreadsheet in other topics but could not locate it.

This is still a silly way to locate MQA tracks on a platform that has a search ability.

Yep, and rest assured the Roon team agree with you.

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Is there any update on this ROON capability to search for MQA?