How to filter My Artists to show only primary artists?

Roon Core Machine

Core Machine: Intel i7-6700K PC with 16 GB RAM running Windows 10 Home
Roon Version 2 build 1193

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Description of Issue

I would like to see only the Primary Artists or Band when I click on the My Artists tab but instead there is a large number of other artists which where featured or otherwise contributed.

How can I make My Artists show only the Primary Artists or Band as a default?

Played around a bit more and found the solution. You can choose which artists are associated with a particular track by (1) open the track; (2) click the icon with 3 dots to the right of the track name; (3) click on Edit Album; (4) go to Primary Artist Links and note that all of the artists associated with a track are highlighted in blue and those that are not associated with the track are highlighted in red; (5) simply click on any artist that is in blue to remove their association with the track. Their name will turn red and when you next open your list of artists, their name will no longer appear, unless they are associated with other tracks.

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