How to filter track/album/artist by not favourited?

Hi how can I filter by “not” favorite? I.e. get Roon to show me all the tracks/albums or artists that I have not favourited?

As in the "heart’ favorite? You can add a tag to all your favorited albums, then Focus on that Tag, and click it to turn it into a -. That would get you what you are looking for. I haven’t found a way to do that with just the Hearted Favorite directly, although there is an option to list Banned albums/tracks. Make a Feature Request?

Or, you could use the Picks feature. Clear out all the current “Picks” then filter on Favorites (heart), Edit, and then add them all a Pick. Then you can go to Albums or Tracks, choose Picks, and then turn it into a minus to get everything else. Although a lot of work, because newly added albums would have to have their “picks” removed.

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A little bit of work, but you only have to do it once.

Go to Album Browser and Clock on the Heart symbol on top of the page

Select all albums in the cyrrent view

Add a tag to these selected albums, e.g. Favorized

Create the new tag, give it a name, and click Save

Click on the Heart symbol again to deselect. All your albums will be listed.

Click on the Tag symbol and slect the new ‘Favorized’ tag

Now click on the hightlighted - in green - Favorized tag to reverse the selection (the tag background becomes red.

Now create a bookmark for this selection by clicking on tha Bookmark symbol , at the top right

Click ‘add bookmark’ and give it a name, e.g. Non-Favorites, and click on Save

Click Reset at the top of the page in the middle. All your albums will be listed again.

Now to look at your non-hearted albums, click on the Bookmark symbol, select the bookmark Non-Favorites, and there you are.

You do not need to repeat this process. From now on, every non-hearted (non-favorized) album will automatically be shown in this view (or in other words, once you ‘heart’ an album, it will dissappear from this list)

Hope this helps



Thanks @Rugby and also thanks @anon90297517 that solves it. Will add Favourite tag and reverse it. Many thanks guys.