How to find a specific album?

I have many recordings / albums by Wilhelm Furtwängler. If I search for Furtwängler or Furtwaengler, Roon lists most of them, but not all. It stubbornly refuses to list the 1954 version of Beethoven’s 5th and 6th symphony. I can find the album on my harddrive, but I cannot find it in Roon.
I know that Roon does not want to implement folder search (which would easily allow me to find the album). Has anyone come up with alternative way to find an album that Roon will not show.
As it stands, the album is simply lost to me.

EDIT: Found a way to do it:

  • move album out of storage location
  • scan storage location
  • clean library to remove entry for moved album
  • move album back to storage location
  • scan storage location

Album will now appear as most recently added
A bit of a chore, but it works

No idea what was wrong, but you managed to solve it :+1:

Can you elaborate on what you mean by clean the library?

In settings …

Clicking the ‘Clean up library’ button allows you to remove any reference to albums that are no longer in your library.

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Sometimes Roon maps albums from the same artist to artist names that are slightly different – like Furtwängler or Furtwaengler (your examples) – or even artist name spellings that look identical but Roon thinks are different for some reason. I’m guessing that was what you were experiencing. The way to fix is to find the artist name that the missing album is matched to and merge it with the artist’s proper name spelling or edit the metadata for the missing album and ensure the proper artist name is selected for that album. That’s a better way to fix than the route you took IMHO.

I thought Roon search was intelligent enough to recognise these ‘artist similar name’ issues and deal with it without user intervention?

Possibly. The album that could not be found had ‘Wilhelm Furtwängler’ as the artist name, just like the others.
I also tried other ways of searching. The ID3 Tag of the album name contains ‘(Chibas)’ in parentheses (as it was remastered by Eduardo Chibas). A search for (Chibas) did not unearth the album either, just the two other Chibas remasters in my library.
Roon search remains a box of wonders.