Sorry, i can only find those albums i have added to library

I want to search all albums on QOBUZ from this label

Please can someone tell me the trick?
Thank you!

In Qobuz website (not App) start typing Blue Note
At the left you will see a colomn with Artists, Albums,…, Labels, …

Select Labels, select Blue Note Records and there you are

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in Roon you unfortunately have no way to search for labels outside of whats in the library, which is highly annoying search does not work for it on Qobuz or Tidal sections. Only way is as Dirk says use Qobuz via website then you can then add them all to a playlist which will then sync to Roon on its next sync from Qobuz. You can then play them and add any to favourites that you like. Not ideal but its the only way atm.

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In Qobuz app, if you find one album from a label you like, they have the 3 dots to take you to show label. Then you can see everything from that label.

Yes roon focus only works with your favorites. Imagine how great it would be if that focus could be used on the streamer service library you haven’t favorited yet. Start narrowing down albums you want from a certain country and within a certain year

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Ok, thank you for feedback - so i did nothing wrong.
It just does not work in Roon for searching in Tidal and Qobuz
Thank you!

Now i do it this way
Type to the HEART in Qobuz

Then i can find it in Roon

Last step - add to library

If its in your Qobuz favourites section it should already be in your Roon library, you should not have to add it again. Roon syncs your favourites from Qobuz regularly and then is added automatically.

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Thank you, you are correct.

One first step (picture) is necessary to have a function in roon-albums-focus to find all albums from the label

Picture 3 - add to libary - is not necessary.

I have to search, what add to libary does really mean

When you do a search in Roon, it searches in both your library and the streaming service(s) that you subscribe to. Your picture 3 is the album that exists in the Qobuz service, and not the one that you have added to your library. These are viewed by Roon as two different “objects”.

When you add a Qobuz album to your Library (e.g. by making it a Qobuz Favourite in the Qobuz app, or by “Add to Library” in Roon), Roon does not “mark” the Qobuz album as having been added to your Library - so you will always see the “Add to Library” button on a Qobuz album in the Qobuz service.

If the album is already in your Library, clicking the “Add to Library” button has no effect - Roon knows that the album is already in your Library.

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