How to find file location on a NAS?

I have my music collection on a NAS. I wanted to edit a file on an album that I am listening to on Roon, but I can’t find it. It’s not in Finder (!) and I can’t figure out how to use Roon to find the file. Help!

Assuming Roon is pointed to your library search for the album it’s part of or just search for the song title.

If you’re trying to locate you library on the nas it’s usually \\ip_of_nas\\name_of_share

What kind of nas are you using? are you using MAc or pc ?

Right click on the track.

Select track info button at top of screen

File path is there.

Sorry. That’s vital information. It’s a Mac. With a two bay Synology NAS.

sorry im a PC geek :smile:
But im also a Ninja using Synologys.

in DSM did you enable the Apple fileservice?

have you tried Finder typing


XX= your nas name

This was the answer. It was my mistake. I was looking for the right click to lead a pop-up and didn’t even notice the Track Info button at the top.

Thanks again. It was such a sim,ole answer, but I guess most answers are simple once you know them. Thats to everyone for their patience.

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Wich was the answer? :smile:
Enable Apple fileservice or using the Finder the way i wrote ?

Sorry, I just now found this reply. The answer was that it was hiding in plain site at the very top of the page. I was just looking for it elsewhere.

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