How to find out filename for album?

I’ve got a rogue partial rip that seems to keep re-surfacing. I’d like to find the file Roon thinks contains this album. I don’t want to just delete it, because I have a good rip of the same thing, and I’m afraid it will be deleted, as well.

So, how, from the Windows interface, can I find out where Roon thinks this lives?

Found it. Select a track, then the file info for the track. Fixed.

This may help too:

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Where is this dropdown? I lack it:

You’ve got to go into the “Tracks” browser from the left-hand top-level menu, first.

I just did. What, however, do I do there, in the Track Editor, to cause the drop-down to appear on the “main page” for an album?

From the top:

At the top level, click on the “hamburger” icon (three horizontal lines, upper left-hand corner). You get a list of “browsers”. Go down to “Tracks” and click on that. You should now see an individual listing of all tracks in your library, not by album. Over on the right side, towards the top, there’s a little V-shaped icon indicating a menu. Click on that; you’ll get a list of which columns to show, and at the bottom of the list, there’s one that says “Path”. Enable that. You’ll now see the paths for all the tracks. Now use search to find the track you’re interested in.

Don’t know. Have to use the Tracks browser, I think.