How to fix when Roon software auto-assigned wrong musician with same name

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139500 tracks

Description of Issue

Some albums and tracks by Chris White of The Zombies are being auto assigned by Roon to a sax player of the same name, and others are being auto assigned to a jazz bassist of the same name who has since passed away.

How do I edit/fix Roon’s errors to point all of these albums and tracks correctly to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and away from the other two musicians whose music I do not own?

When viewing the album you can hit the three dots next tot eh album art and select edit:

Then select “Identify Album”. It should then come up with options for the album.

You can then either select one of the options or select “None of these look right”:

It should then have more options for you to go through or give you the ability to search:

Hope this helps.

Tracks may can also be edited and re-analyzed however I don’t see a way to manually Identify them.
May need to try the options for re-analyzing etc. and maybe go into the metadata and edit?

It’s not the album ID that’s wrong, it’s the artist. There are three musicians with the same name. The ‘solo’ work of this band member is what is being misidentified by Roon. Easy to ‘find the correct album name’, but not so for reassigning the person. So your suggestion unfortunately does not work to resolve this situation.

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You need to remove the incorrect credits and add the correct ones. You may have to do this both at a track and an album level.

Track level
three dots next to track → edit → edit tracks → edit credits → (untick the credits you do not want on the left and add the credits you do want on the right)

Album level
three dots at top of album page → edit → edit album → edit credits → (untick the credits you do not want on the left and add the credits you do want on the right)

In addition, to make the same change for several tracks at once: Multi-select the tracks, then click the three-dot menu at the top off the page

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