How to focus/bookmark only HighRez albums?

A true rookie question from an “old timer”…
How do you focus on content that has a higher bitrate than RedBook? (16bit/44.1Khz)
I do have some 24bit albums with sample rate 44.1Khz and then a few 16bit albums with higher sample rate than 44.1kHz…

Probably stupidly simple, but… I admit defeat…

Focus Inspector Format all formats are there

Focus can do it, as @anon90297517 has suggested.


No, Focus can’t do that particular task by any means i know about. Due to the fact that bit depth and sample rate are two separate focus items. Try it and you’ll see what i mean…

To clarify, i want my 24/44.1 files to show, as well as my 16/48 files, along with my DSD files also…

And even if i could combine 16bit/44.1kHz in one Focus-tag, and then invert it (click it again to make it an exclusion rather than an inclusion), this would mean that potentially lower bitrate files would show also.

I want my files with a bitrate of more than 1411bits per second (in PCM) displayed using Focus…
(Not my hard compressed FLACs of 24/44.1 content)

Sorry, but I probably do not understand your question correctly.

What’s wrong with the following selection:

(PCM only in my example, but I could have included DSD as well)

I think issue that @Mikael_Ollars is referring to is the fact you cant have 16/48+ shown alongside 24/44+. Which is not possible as far as I can see.

Your Focus as shown is missing 24/44…

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@anon90297517, Tim nails it here…
Your selection would not include 16/48 and 24/44.1 content.

I think tags would work.
Focus on 24/44.1, select all and add to new tag, TAG1.
Reset, focus on 16/48, select all and add to new tag TAG2.
Reset, and focus on the 2 new tags. They combine with Boolean AND.

Edit to suit.


You can’t have 24 and 32 separated. You can’t have 96 and 192 separated. You can’t have DSD64 and DSD128 and DSD256 separated. Which will make a lot of sense because you’ll be just a click away of a really useful navigation (imagine that you have two “buttons” one for 24 and one for 32 in the top filter bar, and if you click the plus on 24 you’ll filter by 32 only and so on). If my memory serve well this was possible in the past, then the focus changed.

But as it was proven in the past, roon developers are even really like endless clicks or they are paid by the number of user’s clicks :slight_smile:

There are a lot and lot and lot of workarounds to a lot of issues and requests, soon roon should change they home page to state “workaround this to this”!

Yes this does work, I hadn’t really considered using tags this way. Trouble is when you add a new album you would have to remember to tag it (or repeat the whole procedure again every so often), or the results would start to get stale quite quickly.

Unfortunately, that is true. Bookmarking the result doesn’t help in this case.

One solution is to create a Playlist.

Run focus and choose one format type (24.44.1), add to playlist. reset, run the next format type (16/48_, add to same playlist, then for DSD or DSD64, DSD128 etc etc.

Actually, you can save each Format type as a bookmark, then in the future you can delete and re-create the Playlist easily using the bookmarks.

Appreciate all your suggestions! :slight_smile:
I cannot find how you add Tags to your Focus-selection, though?

Still, all of these workarounds are static, whereas i really don’t want any ”must’s” when adding new music.

Keep’ em comin’ :smiley:

When you’ve done the focus, and selected all, use the three dots above to add to a tag…

Then create a new tag - and don’t forget to hit save when you’re done (I’ve missed that step before now)

Sorry, i am being unclear, or misunderstood.
You said something along the lines of, ”then focus on the tags”…
I tried finding my Tags as criteria under Focus, but couldn’t find any?

Ahh, the Roon KB is your friend here. From that, we see

Does that help?

Yes, it does!
I was expecting to find my Tags somewhere in the Focus dialogue…
Turns out though, that ”Filtering by tags” actually is applying a particular Focus-critria.

Thank you Brian!

This doesn’t solve the original request however, since applying Tags needs to be done on each new album added.

Follow this

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