How to focus on hidden and NOT duplicate albums simultanously


As part of an ongoing effort to tame my music library, I hid a number of albums some months ago. I now want to revisit those albums and see if I’m ready to pull the trigger and delete some of them. What I’d like to be able to do is focus on every album that IS hidden but IS NOT a duplicate. This would give me a clear view of all the albums in my library that are contenders for elimination. But Roon doesn’t allow the user to toggle the +/- (include/exclude) option on either the hidden or the duplicate filters.

Am I missing something? Can this functionality be included in a future release?


I don’t know why you can’t negate them, however…
Focus on duplicates. Select them all and add to a new tag (called duplicates?).
Reset. Now choose the tag and you will see that this can be negated. So with that negated, focus on hidden.

Save with a bookmark so you can easily return.

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That does what I need. Thank you very much.