How to force Roon to not use a streaming version of a song?

How to force Roon to not use a streaming version of a song/album?

How is it possible to turn off internet streaming completely for a defined period and force local NAS or other connected storage to be used?

I would like a very simple BIG RED BUTTON somewhere easy to find to toggle, in setting or a ”break glass” setting on the main page.

Perhaps this button could be used for other things as well.

My internet connection varies from <1Mbps to >100Mbps
Completely embarrassed last night when streaming failed and was unable to play my network attached same album at probably higher quality. I ended up turning off all the music completely-with guests present.

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A couple of suggestions to help for next time you have issues, this is what I have done:

  1. Use Album focus to create a bookmark for “local music” and use it for playing only locally stored music. (I also have one for Tidal content)

  2. Go to “settings\services” and click “edit” on the services you use (Tidal or Qobuz) and then click “disable” which removes the content and can easily be re-enabled. Not “log out” but “Disable”.


Not addressing your original request, but there is a temporary fix for when your internet connection slows.

Go to the album page, click on ‘Versions’ and select the version you want to play. You can also set which version you want to play as a default.

No need to be embarassed in front of your guests. :wink:


Roon plays what’s set as primary version for
An album so set your own copies as the primary version.

If your referring to Roon Radio it’s designed to tap into streaming as its for discovery of new music as play similar to what you have in your library.