How to get a performer to display as both a conductor and a soloist?

On this famous complete set of the Mozart Piano Concertos, Géza Anda gets Soloist, Conductor and Composer credits.

This is not as bonkers as it sounds, as Géza Anda conducted this set from the Piano and gets a composing credit for several cadenzas. This is not an uncommon scenario in much of the Classical repertoire. However, the way in which roon presents the information in these types of scenarios is confusing and almost impossible to interpret unless you already know this is the case. A number of questions arise:

  1. @support, how is it possible to consistently get the principle soloist to display as a conductor on this screen when that is the case? For me it is hit and miss. Sometimes it works as in this case but often I want to get the principle soloist to display on both the performed by and conductor line when the performer has both roles as in this case.

  2. There are several feature requests asking for a more granular composer line which is broken down by composer, arranger, cadenza, transcriber, lyricist etc. As you can see a basic display such as this can quickly become very confusing when a performer has so many roles and this is not an uncommon scenario with many genres, not just classical. I seem to remember Brian addressing ths type of scenario directly some time a go. Are there ant plans to improve this?