How to get group zones to play MQA when one device supports and one doesn't

Sorry if this has been covered. I did some searching and didn’t find anything. I have a Naim Unity Atom and also a Bluesound Node 2i in zones that I often like to group together. Whenver a MQA file tries to play is starts for a few seconds and then quits for a while then moves to the next song. Mostly it’s a problem when I am letting Roon Radio play. Is there a way to fix this so it can play on both devices at once even though one doesn’t support MQA?

Can you set the one that doesn’t play MQA as a full decoder, I think I did that with a Meridian MS 200 for when I link it with my Meridian 218 which is a full decoder.
If I didn’t do this the 218 would not decode MQA when linked.

Or tell Roon that neither does MQA, Roon will do the decoding in software, and since they are equal they should play synced.

I assume, I don’t do MQA, if God had intended us to…

If you believe god is all then she did create MQA

You’ve just made me think of this (it starts at the bit I’m referring to) :smiley:

This won’t help you, but I’m able to group zones together that have MQA dacs and Non MQA dacs. Obviously using compatible RAAT’s.