How to get Intel Nuc up and running

Total ludite here.
Purchased NUC8i7BEH and installed my memory and Drives.
Seeing that I need to update Bios first.
Do i need to connect monitor, mouse and keyboard directly to NUC or can I attach ethernet and run it on my network from my PC.
Is it best to just run Rock on it or should I have some kind of operating system on it?
Is there somewhere with a thorough step by step description of all of this?

You need monitor, mouse, and keyboard to set it up, including updating BIOS.

I run Ubuntu on mine, but I’m an old Unix/Linux hand so it’s second nature. Many people run Rock successfully and there’s a lot of Q&A about that in the forum, and there’s an installation guide from Roon.

I would skip the BIOS update steps, this was necessary a couple of years ago, but I don’t think its been a requirement for a while. Otherwise, just follow the online installation guide. Good luck!

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