How to get OS 2.6?

I own a microRendu and would love to know, how to get OS 2.6 which does support MQA?

I don’t believe it has been released yet, when it is I am sure Sonore will let it be known how to get it.

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OK, good to know. I already read an article how it works with roon and Tidal MQA, so I was wondering how to get it.

I’ve read through the long thread on Computer Audiophile regarding MQA and Rendu devices; if this isn’t what you’re referring to above, can you share the link, please?


Hang on…is this “full MQA” or just the first fold?

The press release seems a tad misleading, no?

Purposefully vague, probably :slight_smile:

I think the thinking is that it will be the first unfold, the same Roon is planning to launch sometime in the (near?) future.

2.6 has been released. You can update via network if you have 2.5. No MQA. Improved SQ.

It depends on he device. I’ve updated my UltraRendu to 2.6, but on my Small Green Computer server (running Sonicorbiter), the update isn’t available yet.

Odd. My UltraRendu is still showing 2.5 as the latest available. Patience… :slight_smile:

Did you reboot after the install?

Mine shows it was updated to 2.6 but it also shows that the latest available is 2.5. Confusing? Blame Sonore. They seem to have their reasons for doing things their way.

Does anyone know how to update the Sonore UPnP bridge?

Yeah. This is what I am seeing. Both installed and latest said 2.5.

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I clicked Update just for the hell of it, and it updated to 2.6. Woot!

Now it says installed is 2.6 and latest is 2.5.

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:thinking: They probably just forgot to update the version number somewhere. No biggie.

Edit: Here are the release notes:

No-one forgot anything – it’s the result of a ‘soft release’ cycle. Once they up the number from their end, all users will be getting update notices. In Jesus’s words:

This is normal during this soft start on CA. In a couple of days we will change the Latest SW Version to 2.6 so people around world will see it via

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