How to get roon to understand that [artist1] x [artist2] means two seperate artists like it does with "&"

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I wanna tag this album’s artists properly with the “Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois” but when I do that it doesn’t understand that they’re supposed to be 2 seperate artists and just creates a new artist named that. I want roon to understand in this case that the x is supposed to seperate 2 artists. It’s not just this album either, there’s at least 2 more albums in my library that are supposed to seperate their artists with the x. How can I get roon to recognize that?

Hi @Teoman_Taner You will need to click the 3 dots to the right of the play now and heart symbol. This will give you the editor. Click on Edit Album. Under Primary Artist Links add both artists as primary artists. I have clicked the Roon and made it negative, however it will still show up in the album screen.

When you save you will get the following:

Both links can be clicked and will take you to each artist.

Hope this helps…

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I notice that you still have the Album Artist file data set to Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois. Correct that and you’ll probably remove the extra (false) entry on the Album page…

I notice also that the Qobuz version of the album seems to be handled correctly by Roon…

If you’re trying to do this via metadata tags rather than editing the album in Roon you can separate the artists with, for example, a comma or semicolon in your metadata tags and tell Roon to recognize these.

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I’ve not tested it, but my expectation would be that this suggestion will probably split any word containing “x”.

I may have misunderstood OPs intention but my thinking was that the metadata tags could be changed so that instead of:
artist x artist
it would be, for example:
artist; artist

Edit: This presumes Roon is set to use metadata from file tags

Not really, I do want the album to show the artists as exactly “Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois” as it’s intended to. But I also want each artist to be linked seperately just like how it would look like if the album artists were titled “Venetian Snares & Daniel Lanois” or “Venetian Snares with Daniel Lanois” instead. My metadata is indeed correct, I have both artists seperated with ; and I want to edit the album artist information within roon (seperate from the metadata of the album) so that the album artist shows up as “Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois” but I want roon to detect the x as an artist seperator character just like it does with & or “with”, if that makes any sense

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Roon recognises a few common artitst delimiters like “&”, “and”, “with”. But the choice seems a bit arbitrary. Others like “vs”, “+”, “x”, “feat.” are not recognised. In some genres these other delimiters may be more common. Is there any reason why the list of artist delimiters cannot be made more comprehensive so that this problem of any word being split doesn’t arise?

I suspect @joel is correct, the C# function Split() produces a list of sub strings every time it finds the “target delimiter” so simple alpha numeric ie ‘x’ would split any word every time it saw x. It works great for ‘;’ ‘/‘ etc

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