How to get RoonServer onto external SSD attached to QNAP NAS?

I’m new to Roon, got it after purchasing Meridian speakers, which I love. I have a QNAP TS-251A with my music files, also use Tidal. I read the article that said I should install RoonServer on an SSD, not a spinning disk, so I bought an SSD which I can connect to the QNAP with a USB-3 cable. I downloaded RoonServer using the QNAP App Center, but the only option seemed to be to install it on the QNAP disk, not the SSD. The SSD shows up under “storage devices.” So how do I get RoonServer onto my attached SSD? Controlling Roon with an iMac. I have some basic computer skills but far from an IT wiz. Thanks.

Hey Mark,

This is the Knowledge Base article for running Roon on a NAS:

At the bottom, there’s a link to the setup guide at @crieke’s website (he developed the NAS packages):

There’s a few lines there about how to install Roon on the external SSD.

Be share though that the TS-251A does not meet minimal requirements advised by Roon (see the KB article). Roon will run, but depending on the size of your collection, it may offer sub-par performance.

I just added a few lines about using external drives in the according Synology sections of my blog post.
One thing to note is: Apps on QNAP/Synology can only be installed on internal volumes. However you can store the database on USB disks, if the shared folder name of that device is adjusted to “RoonServer”. (in the DSM Control Panel -> Shared Folders).

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Thanks for that quick response! I did see that document. I tried to figure out this part:

When you install Roon Server on your NAS, it will store its databases on a share called “RoonServer”. Before installing, create this shared folder.


If you don’t have a SSD in one of the internal bays of your NAS, you can also connect an external SSD via USB 3.0 to your NAS and set up the share there.

On QNAP, external drives must be formatted with the label “RoonServer”. This will erase all the data on your external drive.


Not being familiar with QNAP’s operating system, I don’t know how to "CREATE A SHARED FOLDER CALLED ROONSERVER: or “FORMAT DISK WITH THE LABEL ROONSERVER.” My first computer in 1986 had 256K of RAM and two floppy drives! I’ve been able to set up computers and do basic troubleshooting over the years, but Unix, Linux, and anything involving coding are way beyond me.

@Mark_Cohen ---- I believe Chris’s instructions here should be able to point you in the right direction.

Let us know how it goes!

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When I tried to format the SSD with the label RoonServer, I got a message that I couldn’t use that name because it had been used in the past. (When I tried to follow the original directions without formatting the SSD, I set up a folder called RoonServer). I gave it a try using the label RoonServer1, but that didn’t work–when I got RoonServer from the QNAP app page there was no option to send it to a different location (SSD), I could only install it on the QNAP drive.

Thoroughly befuddled now.

Can you check your Shared folder settings in the QTS, if there is any other shared folder or USB device with the name RoonServer?

Thanks, that did it. I deleted the RoonServer folder on the QNAP hard drive and could then load it onto the SSD.