How to get started with my sonic transporter that includes HQP

I have a SGC sonic transpoter i7 with HQP. So far I’ve done this:

mysonicorbiter > click manage sonictransport > navigate to an HQPlayer config button. Clicking that opens a new web page for Signalyst HQPlayer 4 Embedded with a lot of settings i haven’t touched.

Then in Roon: Settings > Setup > Add HQPlayer. Now HQPlayer is a Zone along with Music Room and Family Room.

My question: If I choose the HQPlayer zone, how do I make the music play in Family Room or Music Room using HQP?

Once Roon has sent the music to hqplayer, you have to use hqplayer endpoints as hqplayer then distributes the music.

Okay I see, just into go into mysonicorbiter to manage my Rendu streamer, and under apps select HQPlayer NAA instead of Roon Ready.

After that you need to go to HQ player embedded page at your ST settings page and configure.
Then hit apply these settings at bottom of page…ie my screen shot.
I have 4 rendu endpoints.
Every time I change my end points (for ex. bedroom to living room) I have to use the apply setting for that particular endpoint (once again at bottom of the page on hqplayer.

Thanks this is very helpful!

I got it working! Had to hit apply a couple times. First time after entering your settings nothing appeared in the network audio backend dropdown, so I tried to play music anyway but didn’t work. Went back and hit apply again and now my player shows as an option under network audio backend, click it, hit apply and music plays. In between I also tried re-booting the uR and the sonicTransporter, maybe that had something to do with making it work also.

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Great…and yes that’s way it works…double tap.
If you add another rendu endpoint…it’s the same operation.

Below are my settings. Output mode is set to SDM which I believe means DSD (why is it called SDM). So if output mode is DSD why does the signal path show PCM192?

PCM = Pulse Code Modulation
SDM = Sigma-Delta Modulation (you can also interchangeably use DSM - Delta-Sigma Modulation)

DSD is just a marketing term for particular kind of SDM. Marketing people call it Direct Stream Digital. But I believe it originally was Direct Sigma-Delta or Delta-Sigma Direct by the engineering people. Then marketing people wanted to call it something more acceptable by the general public.

DSD is really not an engineering term.

If DAC’s DSD output capability is not recognized. The selected output device is just outside of the picture…

Thanks Jussi,
This is what I have:

But it no longer appears at the bottom of the HQP Embedded config page. Can"t seem to get it to show as a device option any more.

At least make sure RoonBridge feature is not enabled when HQPlayer NAA is in use. And also that it is not enabled as output zone in Roon simultaneously.

DACs are discovered at the time HQPlayer is started, so if you restart your HQPlayer machine while the DAC and NAA are up, it should appear there.

Ah I see. Okay will try that. Also I have a second endpoint (mR connected to a Pro-Ject S2 Box DAC) in another system running Roon Ready. Are you saying HQP would work better if both were running HQP?

That doesn’t matter, you can have two distinct endpoints. Just that the same DAC / network endpoint is not configured as output both in HQPlayer and Roon.

Okay very good thank you. So I should disable the zone named Music Room which is the uR and May DAC, and just use the HQP zone for that system with the uR and May.

Yes, and check that you have just NAA module enabled in the Rendu. Otherwise there can be competition over who has access to the DAC (everybody has exclusive access).

Thanks Jussi. It took a while to get even Roon Ready to work on the rendu again, but finally it is and I’m listening to music. Later today or tomorrow my plan is to start over with HQPlayer. My understanding is do this: number 1) in Roon audio settings disable the rendu zone named music room, number 2) in Sonicorbiter > Manage uRendu > Apps, switch from Roon Ready to HQPlayer NAA.

Also I did not know my Sonictransporter only had the trial version of HQPlayer, Andrew just sent me the key to convert it to the full licensed version. This will obviously make a difference because when it was working it would stop every 30 minutes.

Yes, that’s correct. Then there’s no conflict between Roon and HQPlayer trying to access same device.