How to get the "heart" into various views?

Hi, I use the “heart” feature to for example track what tracks are in my playlists. So when I search for a track, I’d like to see the “heart” and see a full heart when a track is in the playlist. I can’t figure out how to get it to display, for example in search output. Is there a way?

I think you might put this under feature request. The heart does not come up for me in search results for specific songs.

Will do, thanks.

Hi Peter
as long as this is made selectable I am for it. For me I’d prefer to turn off every thing related to ratings, likes, hearts and such stuff. So your feature request, if enabled, would help me too as I could hide things I do not want.

Good point. I would think that search results could have column selection like the general track view so you can add and remove columns, including “heart”.

Well, the heart is a user function, not pre-filled as a rating. As such, it performs a function as set by the user, like a tag: Neutral/Favorite/Ban are the three states.

Even in Track View mode, you cannot turn it off, it is literally part of the Track Name section.

Yes I know. I do not use any of these. As I said, and have carefully voiced before, I’d like to hide it all as it steals screen real estate. I do not want the features to disappear as I know many (most) use them, I just want the option to hide them.