How to handle a bunch of songs in a folder

I have some folders such as “90s Dance” or “Easy 80s” where there is no real album association or not one that I care about, the song could be from a multitude of albums or discs. Some folders are old rave music that pretty much has no discernable title in any online database. How can I get roon to recognize that folder as a “custom album” that just uses its folder name, and doesn’t link the files back to some randomish album. Do I have to use a tag tool? Is there an external tag tool in Roon? Last related question, in search can I specify a folder name (seem like it but also seems to bring up other stuff)?

Take all of them into a tag editor and define them as one album, with Various Artists as the Album Artist. Set the Compilation flag if you can. Renumber the tracks so that you have a contiguous series. Roon will read the results as an album, but will not be able to “Identify” it.
Tag editors: Yate on Mac, dunno what on PC.



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