How to have Roon automatically change my Mac's sample rate?

Some of my music files are 44.1, some are 88.2, some are 96, etc., and the Mac’s output should change as each file type is played. By default, Roon does NOT force my Mac’s output to change to the appropriate sample rate. Apps like Amarra do force that the output SR to change and I assume Roon can, too, but how do I get that configured? I looked through the settings but didn’t see any such option. It’s important to have the Mac outputting the proper rate or, in the case of high sample rate audio, it’s forcing the OS to downsample to whatever is default (44.1 in my case).

Hi Eric, welcome.
I think you have to find the “exclusive mode” setting in Roon to give it control of bit rates. It should be part of the setup script.

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Spot on! That did it, and I never would have guessed that that was a part of the Exclusive Mode – thanks!

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