How to hide performers of classical music in artists view and hide composers of popular music in composers view?

Hi, @support

In artist view, I see all classical music performers, but I don’t see the classical music composer. For, me, that is the opposite from what I need: I’m not interested to see the (many) classical performers (Karajan, Horowitz, Callas etc.) but I would LOVE to see the classical composers (bach, vivaldi etc.). Can I configure Roon in such a way?

In the composer view, I see all classical composers (great!) but also all popular music composers. I’m not interested to see the popular music composers. Can I configure Roon in such a way?

Or is it possible to create a customized view to achieve these two views? (one for popular music, one for classical music)

On the Composers page you can choose from the pulldownmenu on the right “only classical”

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Composer is answered

Artists the answer is no , you get all artists regardless

No config is possible

Okay, that is clear. Only classical helps a lot. I hoped that a sort kind of view could be customized. The larger your music collection, the more the current view on artists will hinder smooth selection. Especially if you have a large mixed collection of popular / classical music. Would be great to have a ‘popular view’ and a ‘classical view’ to find your albums faster :slight_smile: