How to identify / label groups of tracks within an album

Here’s an example: I have an anthology of a band’s demos. Each demo has its own name and tracks. Tracks 1-3 are Demo 1990, tracks 4-6 are Demo '91, etc. etc.

Using a metadata editor, I’ve always put the demo title in the Grouping ID3 tag but this doesn’t show up in Roon. Is there a way to expose that tag in Roon, or another way to chop up and label sections of an album?

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I’ve installed several updates without issue but since this latest prompt came up, every time I “install” it I immediate or soon after get the upgrade prompt again. If I dismiss the prompt, it stays off for a while but ultimately comes back, perhaps when I restart.

Any tips? How can I tell if if the upgrade installed or not?

Roon > Settings > About > Core > Roon 2.0 (Build 1277)

You can always find the updates listed here:

And you can enable forum notifications for this category if you want an alert every time new announcements are posted.

Your build 1277 is way out of date. I don’t think that „I’ve installed several updates without issue“ actually worked. You should open a new topic in Support for this one and provide full details of your Roon and network setup

I don’t know why you want to do this?
Roon supports multi-part compositions which allows for “sort of” grouping, but using this may also lead to unwanted side effects (Roon tends to play whole compositions). Along with that also comes support for (Opera) Acts as “sort of” labels with somewhat similar drawback (Roon tends to play whole Operas).

Anyway, as I suspect the “album” holding the demos is not something official found in Roon’s metadata sources, it all depends on your file’s metadata. Examples usage is documented in:

I also discovered that having track titles like:

Demo 1: Take 1
Demo 1: Take 2
Demo 1: Take 3

May work the same as using Work (Demo 1) and Part (Take 1 - 3) tags.