How to identify music in groups organized by folder?

I’m gradually getting things rolling with Roon. I have one question though.

I have a lot of music organized under separate folders for my wife and I. How do I make it easy to search within our libraries - like if she just wants to see her music?


You can set under your import settings under library, for Roon to import genres from file tags. My folders are organised ABC, DEF etc at top level by artist…these top level folder tags should show up in Roon under genres if you get Roon to show all genres imported/generated.

Let Roon finish importing/updating your library, then…
Click on Albums then focus, in focus click on the circular graphic for genres and all genres should be listed (including your top level folder names if Roon has imported them.) Click on the particular top level folder you want to focus on and all albums under that folder get selected.

Once you have the selection as you want, click on the bookmark ribbon (top right) of screen and create a bookmark for your focussed selection. You just need to select that particular ribbon each time you want to see that specific folder content each time…

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I’m not sure I see a setting for this under Libraries.

I did change from using Roon’s genres to using both Roon’s and the file’s. Not sure if that will change things.

The genre’s in our libraries overlap.

A bulk playlist or tag utility might be useful. But it’s hard to find the CD’s other than one by one, or when you first import them. But once they’re no longer recent, they become hard to find.

Are yours and your wife’s music in separate folders.

If so you could make each of the folders a Roon Watched folder

Then use Albums > Focus > inspector > storage location

to isolate each folder then create a Bookmark “Wife’s music” etc

If they are all mixed up , no way really …

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You can tag all of your albums with your initials and all of her albums with her initials. Then you can filter by the tag.

However, the total library is shared and some functions will just be against the whole library, searches, random Radio selections, etc.

Thx! - a couple of questions then

First, our files are under separate folders. However I have roon set to watch their parent folder - ie the whole drive minus temp dir. Can I work with this or do I need to remove and add each folder separately?

2nd. I’d love to tag our files - but the tagger seems to rely on the Roon Search and the only way to find our music respective music through the search function would be hit or miss.

I wonder if I could tag them separately, outside of Roon? Something that would add a tag to all the files under a folder.

Well, if you have them under separate base folders, like a His and hers, then if you added them separately, you could disable one or the other to prevent access to that music. Yes, you can use ROONALBUMTAG as a field to add a tag with a tagger like MP3tag outside of Roon. Roon will then pick this up and add the tag.

Wow - seems like a ton of work. And turning one or the other off doesn’t seem too practical.

It seems like Roon should pick up the directory the music was stored under and let you use that as a tag or search parameter. It would be really convenient to filter or search for …\misc, …\to_review, …\billsmusic…

What taggers can be used for adding the same tag to a few thousand files stored in sub directories?


Yate can make bulk tag edits. For Mac only.

Many, but for example, mp3tag, which I use, could do that with about 3 mouse clicks in a single batch. But you may have missed the earlier suggestion that doesn’t require tagging. Remove your current watched folder (the parent). Then add back two separate watched folders (yours and your wife’s).

Then use Albums > Focus > inspector > storage location to isolate each folder then create a Bookmark “Wife’s music” etc. See:

Thanks! I can try re adding the folders separately - i assume I’ll loose the small amount of favorites I’ve done. that’s not too bad.

But I also am looking at mp3tag and don’t see how to add a new tag like ROONALBUMTAG. I’ve scanned a parent directory and see you can highlight and bulk change tags… But I can’t see where to add a new Tag.

Also, can it only be one value or can it be a list?


load up all the files you want to tag. Select ALL, then right click, select “extended tags”, then on the popup, click on the little icon with a “star” (first one I think). This is add new tag field. Add the field, (whatever name you want), then give it a value. then Save.

I think it can only be one value. But select all your folder, add the tag, give it a value. Then separately select wife’s folder, select all files, add SAME tag, but give it a different value.

That was easy and seems to be working but its still cranking through the songs. Thx!

Do I have to use the ROONALBUMTAG or can I create other custom tags for roon to search too?

That I’m not sure about as I don’t use any custom tags within Roon. Someone else will know I’m sure.

Roon will only pick up roonalbum tag. However, you can add more separated by a ; I believe. Double check with the Roon Faq on tags.