How to implement a radiostation?

Magic Chill:

How to start/implement it, could not find any instruction

I wanted to ask here,

but thread is already closed

Is there any list for radio with chill-music like cafe del mar

Hello @Ronny, this KB article tells you how to add radio stations yourself.

Alternatively, post a request in the #live-radio category and one of the radio curators will add it for you.

For Chillout stations, just search for “chillout” in Roon.

Finally, I’ve added Magic Chilled Radio UK but it is only available to UK listeners.

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You can add Cafe Del Mar yourself. If you go to tune in, you can copy the URL and then add the station using the guide BrianW linked. I just tested doing so and it works.

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Which URL did you take? What is the correct link therefore?


I imagine @Rugby used the tunein URL directly, pasting

into “Add station” in my live radio

(FYI, there are already two Cafe del Mar stations in the main database - Chillout and Chillhouse )


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