How to import album or song image where Roon fails to find

How to import album or song image in Core where Roon fails to find for me?

This is done by using the album’s edit screen. You may find this FAQ link useful.

You can only provide album images at the moment, not song level ones.

If you embed the image in the song file, you can have a different one for every song, yes?

I wish. Unfortunately not, though it has been asked for.

Oh, didn’t realize Roon does NOT read/display embedded images.

I suppose that explains some anomalies that I have seen. Just about every album folder has a folder.jpg with the same image that is embeded, but not all, and I suppose for those Roon was displaying the downloaded album art instead of the embeded one.

Yeah, it makes sense to show embeded images.

Not quite, it will read. I have a downloaded album which has no associated .jpg file in the folder, but does have two tracks with (different) embedded images. The album is unidentified by Roon. Nevertheless Roon extracts one of the images and uses it for the album cover. The other embedded image is nowhere to be seen.

On a track by track basis, it is still true that the same album cover is used everywhere.