How to import files

Hi, sorry guys this has probably been asked a million times. I didn’t really see a clear answer in my search. I just want to be able to add files, just one or a few for example from Dropbox or directly from itunes. I do a lot of my own recordings and want to be able to add them into Roon at will. I did figure out how to pull a file out and into dropbox for share with a friend but still don’t see a clear way to import a single file. I have re-copied my drive to a new one in FAT32 so now I am able to edit (my old drive was mac formatted and was not able to anything but playback)

Take a look at these articles.’s_a_watched_folder%3F

And also:

So basically I could set up a folder I put new music in on Dropbox and roon will automatically import it and copy to the main drive if I tell it I to?

Roon doesn’t copy or change music files. You set-up watch folders and Roon will add new media to the library when it appears in these folders. If the watched folder is unavailable the music is removed from the library (but not from the database.)