How to Import From Meridian MD600?

I’m at a loss here. Please help. Trial period already running!!!


Have you exported your files from the MD600? if you are unsure how to do this send me a private message with your email address and I will try to help? Are you on the HH forum, by the way how many albums do you have.


I suspected that. I’m on the process of exporting them right now. By the way, Roon recognises all my devices. So far i’ve tried it succesfully with yamaha RX3030, AppleTV, Yamaya soundbar YSP4000, and B&W Z2, but although it lists Meridian MS600as a device, I cannot get any sound from it.
I have 3.200 Albums

Hi Anton

Have you switched off the meridian core, I suspect not as you are currently exporting, Roon and Sooloos can not run concurrently, when the export has finished either disable the core which I assume is on the MD600? or turn the MD600 off at the back, I would then power cycle the MS600 and try again, it should work.


Thanks. I’ll do that

And by the way, I’m really impressed so far. Can’t wait to play with my whole library!!

Hi Anton

I am not Roon support, just a forum member and Roon user, but I agree with you.



Just had a curious import from MD600 myself . I noticed Roon had only accepted 2 tracks from a 24/96 Billy Squire album from HDTracks and it turned each individual track into its own album but with the same title . So , I deleted the album from Roon and re-imported from Sooloos and precisely the same thing happened !

Even curiouser , the other 24/96 Billy Squier from the same source imported fine/correctly .