How to import Metadata from itunes as Roon doesnt have it

I have a test cd. Its called “Denon Audio Technical Cd” with the Denon number “C39-7147-EX”
Roon find that info for the product number “081757714723”

I ripped that Cd with “dBpoweramp version 15.8(1)” on my “macbook pro late 2008” and " Software OSX Yosemite Version 10.10.5"
There was NO data at all in dBpoweramp and CRAZY enough only found 97 tracks but the cd have 99 tracks !!
I tried to re-rip but no changes, even dBpoweramp cant rip track #96, i give up here after severall trys.
When i use i-tunes, all tracks get immediately recognized and all 99 tracks AND for each tracks the metadata…

So copied tracks #96 to 99 to the files(ripped with i-tunes) to the other files(ripped with dBpoweramp) in one big file and copied that to my ROON directory.
After some crazy search with “identifying album” i found a picture and very few informations with ROON.
As i dont want to edit about 92 tracks manually to insert the names(so i know what the tracks contain),
my target is to “copy” the i-tunes database/metadata into ROON.
But HOW can that be done
Which Database/metadata use i-tunes what dBpoweramp AND ROON doesnt have ?

Please give me some/any help here…

Thanks Robert

Nobody Please help

Mixing CD rippers within the same album generally is not a good idea. If a certain ripper provides the desired results, stick with it for all tracks.


Discogs found these versions / discs.
I rip with MediaMonkey + Discogs plug-in…

itunes uses GRACENOTE I believe for metadata. dbpa does not use gracenote.