How to import Roon playlist from one Roon core to another roon core machine

Senior Is we have two different Roon Core Account one is used by A & other account is used by B both Registration is different and email id also. Both core machine is in different location. But Music Album Are same on both locations.
Step I have tried to Restore playlist From A to B
Step 1: I have taken A Roon core backup on pen drive
Step2: I have restored backup on B Roon core machine After restoring i can see all Roon setting of A with playlist & Email id but I can’t use A email id on B core machine. A Roon core machine get logout.
So, I logout from A account add B accounts Email ID on Roon but all A setting and playlist is gone.

Backups do not work as they are tied to the account. Maybe other users can come-up with methods that don’t involve backups as I have no clue. Meanwhile you may try and use the search function of the forum, maybe you can find something that way.

If I understand you correctly, you have only one music collection, but you play it over two licenses in two places.

Is this music collection on an external hard drive that was always taken with you?
Has a backup copy been made of the music collection and used in the second location?
Do you only listen to music from Qobuz or Tidal?
Is one or more music services also used?
Are QNAP, Synology also in use?
Depending on the existing structure, there are possible solutions.

Simply take the external hard drive with you and use only one license (login and logout) between the devices.
Mark each album at Qobuz or Tidal and only play from thet.
Use transfer services like Soundiiz, TuneMyMusic, etc…

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