How to import TIDAL Metadata in ROON

I have ripped a regulary Cd to my audio network- ipad.macbook + external HD and Meridian endpoints(ID40 and 218). Roon cant find the album and therefore any Metadata at all, but on tidal all metadata are there. As i want to stream from my HD not from TIDAL, HOW (?) i can import that metadata to ROON ?
Albumname is “Multikulti Cherry On” from Artist “Cristiano Calcagnile”

Is your CD rip identified in Roon? If it shows as “unidentified,” you may just need to identify it.

Touch/click “Unidentified,” then “Identify Album.”

(It looks like the correct spelling of the artist name is “Cristiano Calcagnile”.)

Hello Orgel,

thanks for your help. i will edit my typo with the name, you are correct.
But that is not the case, the album dont get “identified”.
Do you have an idea how i can “copy” or whatever to get the metadata ?

If you give the album the same name as the one on Tidal, Roon should be able to identify it, but if you can’t make that happen or you don’t like the metadata that Roon provides, just use a third-party tag editor. I like Yate on the Mac; lots of people like Mp3tag on Windows; and there are many others, both free and commercial.

Thanks David for your help :-))
but that means(my imiganitaion) that is NOT possible to copy/import Metadata from Tidal ?
I will try you suggestions, but it would be “easier” whewn ROON can “copy” the TIDAL Metadata…