How to improve metadata matches?

Do I need to put the name of the artist or will Roon find it in tags? The disc name is not enough? In classical music there are more artists and even different in individual tracks.
For example album Vivaldi, artists Avi Avital, Mahan Esfahani, Ophira Zakai, Patrick Sepec or Avi Avital, Juan Diego Flórez, Ivano Zanenghi, Daniele Bovo, Lorenzo Feder, Fabio Tricomi. Avi Avital is always listed here but there are albums with completely different artists. Will Roon find the right album based on tags? Than you.

Good example - album Cantate Domino - different artists in different tracks

You mean this one? Yes, Roon knows about it…

Basic metadata (album title and album artist) should be enough for Roon to get a match…

Geoff_Coupe - Thank you for your support!

I would say keep the album title as close to the one on the Cover and list Artists , comma separated in order of “importance”

eg if a Concerto then Artist = Soloist, Album Artist can contain the orchestra/Conductor

Give that Metadata programm a try. Iam impressed whats possible.
The name is MP3TAG

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