How to improve my Roon SQ

I just installed Roon and the streamer/DAC Teac NT-505.
Here is my system configuration: Roon core runs on Dell I7 with music stored on SSD, 35ft ethernet connection to the Teac 505. I have a dedicated high end SACD/CD player connect via Coax to the Teac. I have performed the following tests/results using a same source music:

  1. CD player running stand alone. Most transparent, but not as expansive sound stage as #2, SQ is about 80% of test #2, this could be the DAC in my Cd player is dated in comparison to the new AKM DAC chips in Teac.
  2. CD player/Coax cable/Teac DAC. Best sound. more open sound stage, better dynamic, but not as transparent as in #1, could be due to the inferior coax RCA.
  3. Dell NAS/Roon/Ethernet/Teac using Iphone/Ipad as remote. Open sound stage, warmer, but not as good air around instrument as in #2.
  4. Lumin app/Teac/USB flash drive using Iphone as remote. Better sound than option #3, but not as good as option #2.

To my ears, SQ of option #3 is decent but not as good as other options. How can I improve SQ of Roon in test #3 since I like Roon alot for its excellent interface? I just subsribe to Roon and want to keep it, but if SQ is not as good as other options, I may have to cancel it. May be I should get a better streamer and separate DAC? or interface to the Teac via USB/laptop and just use the Lumin app?
I have about 1000 albums stored on NAS, and don’t currently use any streaming services.
Thanks for any input.

Teac is a good streamer if somewhat less fashionable than some others. How old is it? It should improve and narrow the gap to the best sound. I think a cable as long as 35 feet may be an issue although I am sure some would disagree. Based on my experience I would bring it all closer together and see how that sounds.

A regular Cat5e cable is good for up to 100m runs, and there is even an argument for avoiding short Ethernet cables, so I’d say 35’ is fine. Worth taking a little care to keep it clear of mains power cables, PSUs etc.

The Teac is only 2 weeks old.
I use 30 feet Cat5 cable from office upstairs to HT room, then run 35 feet Cat7 cable from router in HT room to the Teac.

Hmmm…are you using an Ethernet switch between the Dell and TEAC or just a 35 ft crossover cable? It’s counter-intuitive in audio terms, but I’ve found that inserting a switch between Roon Core and the outputs helps.

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I use an ASUS router as a wired extender at the back of the HT room.