How to install Native DSD patch on ROCK for my DAC

@support My DAC is Encore Design mDSD, used with ROCK + RPi 2 with Ropieee, working no problem with Native DSD at DSD256, now I relocate the ROCK Server to Audio Rack so RPi 2 is no longer need, but the ROCK can’t using Native DSD with mDSD DAC, only available in DoP at Max DSD128, I know the patch come with the ROCK OS update, so If Native DSD not available to my DAC so I have to ask for Patch from ROON and deliver on next update?

Hello @Cheung_Hon_Wah,

As far as I am aware, the Encore Design mDSD is not capable of Native DSD on Linux. Would it be possible for you to connect the DAC back to the RPi with Roipee so that I could enable diagnostic logging on the device? When diagnostic logging is enabled on your account, the device will upload a set of logs to our support servers when it connects to the internet. What I would ask of you is to post in this thread with the local time that you have connected the mDSD DAC and played native DSD to the device so that I can request diagnostic logging for that period.


I connected to Ropieee right now

Directly to Core just DoP

Hello @Cheung_Hon_Wah,

We have received the diagnostic logging from the device, I’m going to create a ticket and request feedback from the tech team. I will be sure to follow up when they have had a chance to look at this.


Thank You for following up

Hi John,

Let me know if you guys need input from me.


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Harry, do you have a list of DACs that are confirmed to take native DSD from a Ropieee install?
I’d love to try some Native DSD256 into my Moon 430HAD or perhaps even some DSD128 to the Nagra HD DAC?

Have a look over here:

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Hi John, I will get my Cyrus 82 DAC Integrated Amplifier upgraded with QXR DAC Card and connect with my ROCK Server directly via USB, what can I do to update my ROCK server ALSA driver in order make ROON fully support PCM 32/768kHz and DSD512 format natively? as I found no Cyrus in Certified Partner list, Thanks for your advice!

Hello @Cheung_Hon_Wah,

I cannot find on the manufacturer’s website if the Cyrus 82 DAC with the QXR upgrade includes support for Linux. Have you confirmed with the manufacturer that this USB DAC card supports Linux as well as native DSD mode on Linux?


Hi John, as I still not getting the upgrade card so I am no sure the support, but it’s using XMOS controller should be working in Linux environment.

Hi John, finally upgraded my Amplifier with new Cyrus QXR DAC card, my ROCK recognize QXR USB port as Cyrus USB Audio 2.0, due to absence of Native DSD with ALSA, the DSD only support up to DSD256 with DoP (DSD256 max as using PCM 768 rate for DoP), no DSD512 possible without Native DSD Support, so what can I do is delivery of new ROCK releases with patch?

It’s not that simple I’m afraid. The fact that ‘XMOS works with Linux’ is not enough. That basically means it will do DoP out-of-the-box.

For native DSD it means that the device manufacturer needs to program the USB controller ‘in the right way’ to be able to get a patched Linux kernel that supports native DSD.

I can help out with creating the patch, so … do you have access to a linux system? So we can get necessary information on the DAC itself if the firmware is capable of delivering native DSD on Linux?


Is it possible the commands required can be documented?

You mean for recognizing if the DAC supports it?

Yes, if possible.

yeah there here somewhere on the forum, I posted these instructions before. Let me see if I can find that post.

Thanks, it would be appreciated.

login as root, and run the following commands:

aplay -l

lsusb -v

cat /proc/asound/card*/stream*