How to install ROCK at NUC11PAHI7

I have new NUC11PAHi7 with RAM Kingstone 16x2, Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 500 GB M2, and Samsung SSD 860 EVO 2TB. I try to install using guidance …

but when I try I have problem with UEFI I can’t to disable and change to using Legacy. Need advised please

Yes, unfortunately UEFI boot is not yet supported by Rock, which rules out NUC 11.

Hello Mikeb,
So what should i do to install, upgrade BIOS or something ?

Forget Rock. You can install windows, and Roon? Or wait for UEFI support. See this thread:

Can we install Roon in windows?

Roon yes, but not Rock.

sorry mikeb, i never know before about Rock and Roon,
this is same or not? could you explain to me a little about both

Have a look here:
The KB should answer most of your questions :slight_smile:

Yes install Windows, then Roon.

You can ignore ROCK for now.

Maybe Roon Server on Linux is a good alternative, Linux is free :

Install Windows and RoonServer. You can use a Win7 licence key to activate Windows. Or,

Install Linux and RoonServer.

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hello mikeb, if we still want to install ROCK, could you inform to me which one NUC will be supported? and can i use for both of SSD i have?

noted wklie, thank you for your information

Basically, NUC6 to NUC10. (NUC5 may have an issue with NVMe for ROCK.)

Maybe it possible working doing following:
reboot and enter BIOS, click ‘Security’ → ‘Secure Boot’ menu, choose disable secure boot.
then back to check UEFI/Legacy is become normal or not.

I would personally install Ubuntu server before Windows.
Ubuntu works great, super efficient and low resource.

hi Wklie,
at this moment i want to prepare new NUC for run Roon, so could you help me to give whict NUC will be support for it. don’t need big memory.

thank you

NUC10 or NUC8 for ROCK.

If you use NUC11, install Windows.

all well noted Wklie,
i try to find out NUC 10i5FNH2 / PC NUC 10i5FNH2 Core i5 10210U / NUC Barebone is it support for Rock right?

The hardware list for ROCK is here: