How to install Roon on QNAP 451+

Hi, I have just bought a QNAP 451+ NAS with 8gb of RAM. How do I install Roon on it and connect it to my DSC Rosinni DAC.

When I use ROON from my MAC /IPAD set up it plays though Airplay and truncates all the high res and DSF files down to 16/44 .

Any advise on this is greatly appreciated

You will need to choose some kind of compatible endpoint (Rasp Pi, Squeezebox, Auralic etc.) to connect the DAC. I don’t think there’s a way you could connect the DAC directly to the QNAP.

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thanks Mark. After I run RoonServer on the VM, via my Ipad I can access and play Roon, however it streams through Airplay and down samples all the high res files, just don’t know how to fix that , thanks
ps : the nas is connected to Rosinni Dac via a usb and is able to play through the DSC app using Twonky server etc

The only way you’ll get around that is a lossless compatible endpoint to plug your DAC into.

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sorry i a new to this and a novice, is there a alternative to Airplay that will connect Roon to my Nas (which is connected via USB to the DSC Rossini DAC) and play the high res and DSF files without truncating them. Thanks Mark

I’m afraid that’s beyond my knowledge of how Twonky outputs to the USB. It could well be lossless and Roon is just reporting it otherwise.

Or maybe Twonky goes through some internal Linux mixer for it’s local output to USB.

Hopefully someone else could help.

Personally I’d get that QNAP out of my listening room anyway as they aren’t the quietest units in operation with the fan and disks thrumming along with the case. A really good, cheap silent endpoint could be put together based on the Raspberry Pi.